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Legacy Product

N.B. We now class RDCO Reporter as Legacy Software. We will endeavour to support existing users for as long as possible, but we are not looking for new sales.

RDCO Reporter

A specialist reporting tool for registered dealers in controlled oil (Fuel Distributors), working in conjunction with Synergy Profile and Sage Line 50 to produce RDCO HO5 returns in CSV or manual formats for submission to HMCE.

What is RDCO Reporter?

RDCO Reporter is a data validation and reporting tool for use as part of a system for preparing RDCO HO5 returns. RDCO Reporter has been developed in close consultation with HMCE and the processing performed by RDCO Reporter has been reviewed in detail by the HMCE Computer Audit department.

RDCO Reporter is built on top of our existing Synergy Profile add-on. Profile is an invoice and purchase order archiving and analysis tool with a track record going back over 10 years. Its main uses are for sales support (e.g. viewing a customer's detailed sales history on screen during sales calls) and for sales analysis (e.g. producing reports to assess customer or product line performance). It was an enquiry from a fuel distributor who is a long term user of Profile that led to the development of RDCO Reporter.

RDCO Reporter prepares HO5 returns from data held in Sage Line 50 stock based sales invoice plus customer records. Because RDCO Reporter mainly works with stock based sales invoices, you need to be using Sage Line 50 Financial Controller or Accountant Plus. RDCO Reporter is not currently compatible with the simpler Sage applications such as Bookkeeper and Instant, or with other accounting software.

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Output Samples

Samples HO5 Manual Return pages can be viewed on line

The data used to produce these samples is available on for download on request.

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Is RDCO Reporter HMCE approved?


HMCE have been closely consulted during the development of RDCO Reporter, to maximise compliance with their requirements, and the processing performed by RDCO Reporter has been reviewed in detail by the HMCE Computer Audit department, but Skyewright does not claim that the software has been approved by HMCE.

Why isn't it approved?

HMCE does not give blanket approval to software applications, only to specific installations being used within individually agreed operating procedures. RDCO Reporter has been designed to be useful as part of such a system (and has been closely examined by HMCE Computer Audit in that light), but it is the system as a whole that counts and using potentially suitable software cannot guarantee suitability of the whole system. This situation is not unique to RDCO Reporter, it applies equally to any software of a similar nature. If you have any doubt on this point, you are welcome check with your local HMCE officer.

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Users of RDCO Reporter include:

  • Adler & Allan Ltd
  • Associated Agricultural Oils Ltd
  • Banwy Fuels
  • County Lion Fuels Limited
  • Four Counties Environmental Services
  • Anglesey Oil
  • G D Jones & Son
  • Grampian Fuels
  • H V Bowen & Sons
  • Imperial Heating Oils
  • James Pickstock Ltd
  • Midland Fuel Oil Supplies
  • Nolan Oils
  • Northover Fuels
  • Pilkington Oils
  • Preston Fuels
  • Simpson Oils
  • Turriff Fuels
  • Winson Petroleum

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