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Enhancement through Synergy


This section provides an overview of datasets, along with a comment about data backup.

Information about the licensing aspects of Datasets can be found on the Licensing page.


Synergy applications use Datasets to handle the combination of the data held in a Sage company and the associated Synergy data.

Synergy DOS applications and the earlier 16-bit Windows applications maintained their data alongside Sage's own data; this had advantages and disadvantages. The current applications replace this with a system in which there is a clear distinction between the two types of data. All Synergy data is now maintained in a separate set of folders, with each Synergy dataset folder being associated with a particular set of Sage data.

Backing up your Synergy data

N.B. Synergy data is not and never has been backed up when you use the backup feature that is built into Sage. You need to make separate arrangements to backup your Synergy data. Either backup just the dataset directory or the whole of the Synergy data structure. If you are not sure where these directories are, take a look in the Paths section of the About window on the Help Menu.

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