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Licence Keys & Licensing

This section provides an overview of licensing and licence keys, along with details of the types of licence key available, User licensing and Dataset licensing.


Installation of any Synergy software application indicates an acceptance of our standard application licence terms.

When you install a given Synergy software application you are installing the same file regardless of whether you will be using it as single-user or multi-user, with one dataset or with many and even of whether you will be using it for a limited free demonstration or as the full purchased product. From our point of view this makes a lot more sense than maintain and distributing many slightly different versions of the same product; we think it makes more sense for you too - since you don't need to select and install from a wide variety of possibilities. The features available in a given case are controlled by a licence key. The licence key informs the application how many concurrent users and datasets it should allow and what, if any, other restrictions it should place on the available features.

Synergy maintains licensing data centrally, so even if you are working on a network you only need to install the licence ley on one computer (a network server) - workstation copies of the application pick up the licensing details from the main database.

When you first run the application on your system no licence key has been installed, so the application offers you the opportunity to request or install one.

Modes of Operation

Licensing provides for 3 main modes of operation, namely Full Use, Evaluation & Demonstration. Licences for Evaluation and Demonstration use are usually available free of charge.

If you are using Sage for Windows versions 5 or 6, you can use Demonstration mode automaitcally without further reference to Skyewright, but for version 7 & above Sage introduced a copy protection feature that means you need to contact us for an extra Sage activation key.


Demostration mode allows access to the full range of program facilities, but imposes restrictions on the amount of data you can view or process, for example the Customers module will only show the first 5 accounts.

Demonstration only allows for one concurrent user and one dataset.

There is no explicit expiry time on Demonstration use. Other than in exceptional circumstances Demonstration licences are usually available to anyone free of charge, on request.


Evaluation mode allows access to the full range of program facilities for a limited period of time, typically 30 days.

Evaluation licence keys are free of charge and are usually available on request on a one per application per customer basis.

Full Use

Full Use mode is what normally applies after you have purchased a licence key for an application. A Full Use licence key does not have an expiry date and imposes no artificial restrictions on the quantity of data within a given dataset that you can access or process.

User Licensing

Synergy user licensing is based on the concept of Concurrent Users, i.e. the system keeps track of the number of active users of each application at any one time. This means that instead of just having a choice between single and multi-user versions, we allow you to choose a number of users that is appropriate to your situation. If you have several computers on your network with the application installed on each one for convenience but only two people will ever need to be working with the application at the same time you only need a two user licence key rather than one that matches the number of computers.

We currently offer options for 1, 2, 5, 10, 15 or unrestricted users.

More about Users


Synergy has its own password and access control systems in addition to those of Sage. You might choose to use the same user identities and passwords with with Synergy and Sage, but it's not necessary. Naturally, access to the Sage data requires use of a recognised Sage password, but you only need to enter that the first time (or when it has changed). This approach means that it's possible to provide someone with an identity and password that allows them to use the Synergy add-on, without necessarily giving them direct access to the "real" Sage application at all.

All Synergy applications are multi-user in the approach that they take to accessing data, regardless of the number of users they are licensed for (we feel that it's the only safe & sensible approach). So, if you wish, you can choose the number of users appropriate to each application, rather than needing to have everything the same.

N.B. The total number of Sage users (both direct via the Sage application & indirect via add-ons) at any one time is limited by your Sage licence, so it is possible that there may be times when access to Sage data by a Synergy application is blocked until the number of overall users of Sage has reduced. This is usually only a problem with the Single user version of Sage - if you have a single user version of Sage you won't be able to use both Sage and an add-on to look at the same data at the same time.

Dataset Licensing

Synergy applications use the term "Dataset" where Sage products usually use the term "Company". We do this because we find that often people use "Companies" more flexibly than the term implies. For example, one Dataset might contain the live data while another contains last years data, frozen at year end for accounting purposes. Synergy's user features allow for some Datasets to only be visible to some users.

We currently offer options for 1, 2, 5 10, 50 or unrestricted datasets. A 2 dataset licence key costs no more than a 1 dataset licence key (that way, you can easily use the Sage DEMODATA facility as a testbed), so the single dataset option is normally only applicable to Demonstration licence keys.

More about Datasets


Dataset licensing of Synergy applications is independent of the number of companies your Sage product is licensed for, though in most circumstances the usual option would be to have sufficient Synergy dataset licensing to cover all your Sage companies.

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