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A tool for import from a wide variety of text, CSV or xml sources (and even some types of binary) to Line 50 sales orders, product or service sales invoices, purchase orders, customers, suppliers, stock, audit trail posting transactions (with 'grouping'), stock transactions, price lists, etc.

There are also facilities for automated allocation of payments against invoices, exporting data (including Memo data) from Line 50 to text, csv or xml, collection of POP3 email text, and calling other applications.

The tool can be run interactively or controlled via a command line interface allowing automated operation. Operations can be 'chained' together so a single call can perform several actions. Source data can collected via http, ftp or POP3 if required. Export data can be uploaded via ftp.

A system integrator's dream?

What is ImportPlus?

ImportPlus's main function is import to Line 50 sales orders, sales invoices, purchase orders, customers, stock, price lists, transactions, etc. from a wide variety of plain text or CSV formats (including CSV exported from a spreadsheet) or just about any regularly formatted text source, e.g. web form generated e-mails, xml files, EDI,...!

The ImportPlus download includes sample interpreter configuration files and data files suitable for use with the Sage Line 50 DEMODATA company, so it's easy to try the system without affecting your live data.

The download also includes ImportPlusDriver a small example "front end" application to demonstrate how ImportPlus can optionally be controlled via command parameters. ImportPlusDriver allows command lines to be built interactively, runs ImportPlus, and displays results.

The best way to start with ImportPlus is to use ImportPlusDriver with the supplied samples and the Line 50 DEMODATA. View the 'Command Line' tab to see the command line equivalent for the chosen operation. Once you have a basic idea of how the system works you will probably want to contact us to discuss detail configuration for your purpose.

For a number of commonly requested operations, pre-packaged configurations are available on the Customisers page.

Examples of current real-life uses for ImportPlus include:

We've even used ImportPlus for data recovery, extracting invoices and orders from a partially corrupt set of Sage data and then importing them to the most recent good backup thus saving many many hours of repeated data entry.

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System Requirements

Our aim is that if your PC is capable of running the matching Sage product then it should be capable of running ImportPlus.

Sage:Sage 50 v7 and above.
New Sage 50 versions are supported as soon as Sage release the technical details - usually within days of the new version's release. The downloads page has the latest details.

A release that is "Independent" of Sage Line 50 is also available.

Video:VGA or above
Printers:Windows supported Laser, bubble-jet, ink-jet or dot-matrix
Operating System:As supported by the relevant version of Sage.
Networks:Any Windows supported

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ImportPlus Licence

Subscription Licensing

Full product with all updates £185 + VAT per annum


Traditional Licencing

Full product £395 + VAT

Licence updates £110 per year after the first year (for Sage 50 2017 (v23) and earlier this is optional but highly recommended)

If support and upgrade eligibility have expired, see Catchup rates.

Discounts are available for users with special requirements, multiple users, multiple sites, for catch up updates and reduced facilities see further options for more details.

ImportPlus Customiser Costs

If the samples and standard operations included in the download, or the standard Customisers are all you need, or if you develop your own configurations, that's it.

If you need us to set up custom configurations for you, customisation prices start from £100.00 + VAT. Explain your requirement to us and we'll be happy to quote. In many cases custom configurations can be setup as part of our "try-before-you-buy" approach.

Further Options

Multi Site

If you will be installing at multiple sites (i.e. you require more than one licence) we offer a 25% reduction for additional site licences.

Multi User

The user count is based on concurrent ImportPlus users, not workstations or Sage users (single user ImportPlus can be used alongside multi-user Line 50), so single user is usually okay. If you really do need more than one concurrent user, that's fine just contact us for a quote.

Short Term

£95 + VAT for 4 months

Reduced Facility (Aspect Licensing)

Available Aspects are:

Posting (i.e. Audit Trail Transactions), Customer, Supplier, Allocate (i.e. payment allocation), Product, Stock Transactions, Sales Invoices (i.e. 'Invoice List' style invoices & credits), Sales Order Processing, Purchase Order Processing, Price List, Project, and Generic (an unusual technical type).

N.B. Allocate, Sales Invoice, Sales Order Processing, Purchase Order Processing, and Stock Transactions are 'extension' Aspects that are only available if specific other aspects are also taken, e.g.


If support and upgrade eligibility have expired there is a catchup cost if you upgrade to a newer release. Catchup includes 12 months cover. If upgrading from Sage 50 2017 (v23) or earlier to Sage 50 2018 (v24) or above, please note that thereafter annual renewal is required for continued operation.

VAT is charged where applicable.

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Then download the product and try it for yourself, or contact us.

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