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Privacy Policy

The purpose of this topic is to explain how your data is handled, protected, collected and used by ImportPlus and by Skyewright.

The topic is provided in the application help file and at our website. The topic may be updated by Skyewright from time to time. Skyewright will provide notice of materially significant changes by posting notice on the Skyewright website. The current website version is the definitive and authoritative version.

You might also like to read the Help topic ImportPlus Data Handling, which looks in more detail at how ImportPlus itself handles data.
  1. What do you do with my personal data?

    We use your data to provide you, and other users, with the products & services we provide. That includes doing things like:

    • Improving our products and services for you and other users.
    • Providing you with the products and services you have chosen, keeping you up-to-date and informed and responding to your enquiries.
    • Legal, regulatory or normal business administration reasons.

    What we don't do:

    • We don't share your information with third parties for marketing purposes.
    • We don't send you unsolicited communications for marketing purposes.
    • Our website does not employ tracking devices for marketing purposes ("cookies", "web beacons," single-pixel gifs).
  2. How long will you keep my personal data?

    We keep information while you're our customer or user of our products & services. If you cease to be a customers or user we retain the data for a reasonable period according to normal business practice and legal or regulatory requirements.

  3. Who do you share my personal data with and why?

    We will share your information in the following situations:

    • If necessary & appropriate, with partners, suppliers, agents and subcontractors who help us deliver the products and services you've chosen to use.
    • When you have provided your consent.
    • When we have legal or regulatory requirements.
  4. What data do you hold about me? (and how do you get it?)

    Information that your or your agent has provided via application or registration forms, e-mails, and other normal business communications.

    We don't buy lists.

    Our software occasionally tries to contact our server to check for data awaiting delivery to the system (e.g. an updated licence). As part of the contact a small amount of technical data is uploaded. The data passed to our server is of a technical nature (e.g. site key, licence key, version) and is only used to aid Skyewright support, maintain and develop its applications. The data is not used for marketing purposes. This behaviour is configurable and can be suppressed. If you'd like more detail on what is sent or on how to configure or suppress, you are welcome to ask.

  5. What rights do I have?

    You have the following rights:

    • To be informed about how we use your personal data (the purpose of this Privacy Notice).
    • To update your personal data. You can update or amend your information by contacting us.
    • To ask us to delete your personal data. However, there may be circumstances where we are legally entitled to retain it.
    • To get a free copy of your personal data. A subset of your data (limited to data that you have provided to us) is available in a machine-readable format if required.
    • To object to the processing of your data and have it restricted. There may be circumstances where you ask us to restrict the processing of your information, but we are legally entitled to refuse that request.
    • The right to make a complaint to the Information Commissioner ( if you think that any of your rights have been infringed by us.
  6. How do I change my marketing preferences?

    We are in the fortunate position that business comes to us, either from the website or by recomendation. That keeps us sufficiently busy, so we don't do active marketing either for new business or to existing users.

    We will never give your personal data to a third party for marketing unless you have expressly given us your permission.

    If you wish to express some sort of preference, please contact us, as mentioned below.

  7. How do you ensure my data is secure?

    Skyewright is committed to keeping your data secure. We use a variety of security technologies and procedures to help protect your personal data from unauthorized access, use or disclosure.

  8. How can I contact you?

    If you would like more information or would like to raise any queries with us in relation to your information, you can find our contact details on the Contacts page.

  9. Changes to this Privacy Policy

    We will check this policy from time to time and post any changes on our website.

  10. Resolving Privacy Issues

    We will always try our best to resolve any data privacy issue you may have. You have the right to refer any data privacy issue to the Information Commissioner's Office at any time.

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